Collaborative data sharing and processing in the Cloud.

BestPeer is an Enterprise Big-Data Solution Provider.

Combining over two decades of experiences in academic and industry, BestPeer offer a full stack of software products in the area of big data management, ranging from massive distributed storage to next generation of Cloud data analytic tools. Our techniques embrace the strengths of P2P database system, the powerful MapReduce/Hadoop processing model and a sophisticated elastic storage scheme.

In BestPeer, we strive to provide economical, flexible and scalable solutions for corporate network applications. We offer systems with advanced technologies as well as comprehensive solutions tailored to meet diverse requirements from customers.

Hybrid Storage

By incorporating schemaless cloud storage and distributed database techinques, our storage system is capable of handling both real-time transactional and large scale analytical workloads.

Flexible Processing Model

We introduce an Actor-based concurrent programming model to achieve both high efficiency and flexibility for heterogeneous data processing on large clusters.

Adaptive Analytics

Our execution engine combines the strengths of distributed database system with powerful MapReduce/Hadoop processing model, and thus is able to support various types of workload.

Elastic Scalability

Deployed as a service in the cloud, our system's pay-as-you-go business model helps customer to substantially reduce the cost, without losing any bit of agility to adapt to the fast changing business demand.

Lastest News

» March 31, 2011
BestPeer++ is now cloud enabled.

» July 10, 2009
EMR Data Sharing Application for National Healthcare Network using BestPeer++ Platform is demonstrated at Changi Hospital.

» March 1, 2008
A new type of database system is being developed on BestPeer++.

» August 16, 2007
BestPeer++ can now support both BATON and DHT based indexing and search.

» August 14, 2007
A product tracking system is being implemented, which exploits network and database technology and JIT (Just In Time) retrieval based on partial indexing for network and storage efficiency.

» August 1, 2007
The BestPeer++ website is updated with more support for clients.

» June 20, 2007
BestPeer++ is demonstrated at Harbin Institute of Technology, China.

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